Another story about the Rotary Club of High River, and its commitment to doing International Work.
Over the last two years there have been many areas of need globally, and Rotary’s commitment to help with the Covid Pandemic in places where the situation was desperate has been a part of our focus. Dr. Pavithra, in India, directed us to a project where her Rotary club was funding a PSA Oxygen plant for their state hospital, the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, in Chennai, India. The hospital is for everyone and has 2700 beds and treats many thousands of patients. These Oxygen plants were a response to the huge uptick of people on respirators because of Covid. In order to assist with this project the Rotary Club of High River donated $5000 (which was bumped up by one of our members to $5500 US) to the Madras India Rotary Club, in the name of Maurice Walsh, one of our past High River Rotarians. Their club then directed the funds to this worthy project.
India is one of the places in the world Covid has hit the hardest. We believe this Oxygen plant has literally saved many lives and will continue to do in the future.