We just received a lovely letter of thanks from one of our scholarship recipients, Olivia. 

Rotary Club of High River, 

I wanted to write this letter to let you all know how much I appreciate the scholarship I was given to pursue my degree in psychology at the University of Alberta. I have always admired the work that Rotary does in our community and have had the wonderful pleasure of being involved directly with the Rotary club of Okotoks, who graciously selected me to be the student they sent to Ottawa for Adventures in Citizenship in 2019; this was an incredible trip where I learned so much about my country and discovered the way in which I want to contribute to society, helping others as a clinical psychologist.

This year has been a whirlwind for me. My last day of High School came and went without me even knowing it, then my graduation ceremony which I had been looking forward to so muchwas cancelled and moved online, and then the University of Alberta announced that their school year and my first year of university would be delivered online. Full of unexpected twists and turns, this year has been defining in my life; it is definitely one I’ll never forget. On the day of my YouTube graduation, all my grandparents came to our house to watch the ceremony with me. When I was announced as a recipient of your scholarship during the ceremony, my whole family’s eyes lit up. They were so proud of me in that moment. As a student, I often forget to acknowledge my accomplishments and instead dwell on the negative, stressful aspects of my life. Receiving your scholarship has allowed me to feel recognized for my hard work, which I so appreciate.  

Now, as my first semester of university is coming to a close, I couldn’t be more appreciative of this scholarship. As most of you are probably aware, receiving a post-secondary education is no easy feat. Between seemingly endless assignments and exams and trying to work to earn money to pay for it, I seem to have no time for myself anymore. Your scholarship has lessened some of the financial burden I have been feeling over the past couple months which I am very grateful for. 

As for my classes this semester, I am really enjoying my psychology course, so I know I have definitely chosen the right major. I look forward to finishing my science degree and becoming a clinical psychologist in the future, and perhaps even pursuing my masters. 

Thanks once again for everything your organization does and has done for the community, and for me. Your kindness will not soon be forgotten by me, nor by my family and friends. 


In gratitude, 

Olivia Tiessen