Posted on Mar 07, 2019



"We were approached to help with coming up with the funds. They basically had an old trailer before, and it really wasn't serving their needs. They needed to upgrade to something that was a lot more suitable for the kind of work they are involved with, and serving the Foothills area," he said.

Tarrant says both clubs were happy to support the cause, raising most of the money through local fundraising events.

"We have a lobster boil dinner and a golf tournament, last year we did an art show. We also recommended they approach the Rotary Club in Okotoks, as well, which they did, and they also agreed to partner on the project. They were able to come up with funds through our Rotary District," he said.

The Rotary District provides project grants to match funds that are contributed by the Rotary Clubs to specific projects.

The Rotary Clubs partnered up, contributing $30,000 to the project over a three year period.

Foothills Search and Rescue received the new mobile command center in the first week of February.

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