Posted on Jun 28, 2019
Category: Local News

2019/2020 Executives: Secretary Linda Holmes, new President Ev Doherty, Treasurer Carol Lyall, Vice President John Andresen, Director Bob Cole, Past President Paul Tarrant and President Elect Damian Boyle.

The High River Rotary Club is sporting some fresh faces in their leadership circle. The club chooses to cycle through their leadership roles every year. According to new President Elect Damian Boyle, this is a good way to keep the traditional way of doing business alive, while providing new ideas. "Last year I got elected to be Vice President, so I did that for a year and this year I become the President Elect. Next year I'll become the President and the year following that I'll become the Past President." Boyle explains "What that does is allow each club to maintain a continuity within the organization, so you never really lose direction of the ship." Boyle, who's only been with the club one year, says he's looking forward to the role change and in getting to experience different responsibilities this year. "There's a lot of tasks that the Rotary Club does that need organization. So the Vice President, the President Elect and the past President help to put those structures in place, helping the Club President who typically confine themselves to the leadership and administration of the Club." Boyle says it's this process that allows them to think out of the box. "I think every time you have new membership and new direction of the club, you'll see different flavours being brought into how we do business." The Flag program is one of those fundraisers that came about with a change in leadership and now the Rotary Club is planning a lip sync battle fundraiser to take place in the fall. Boyle says it's only members that get to vote, but anyone can join the club. "It's a whole different game - the Rotary Club, nothing we do is for ourselves, we do everything for people who need it. Local people and people around the world." Boyle says "That to me is very, very important, so if there's anyone with a desire to get involved in the community, and who wants to have some fun along to way, they should contact us. It's well worth the time."

Below - New President Ev Doherty gives his inaugural address to the club.

Below - Outgoing President Paul Tarrant (left) presents Bart Brocklebank (right) with a special award for "Exemplary Dedication, Volunteerism and Service to the Rotary Club of High River."