Posted on Nov 12, 2019

High River's Dance Tech Kicked off the evening with a great rendition of the Grease Mega-Mix.

A whole lot of fun Saturday, November 9 at the Highwood Memorial Centre for first annual Rotary Club Lip Sync Battle.

Nanton's David Gale and Amanda Bustard were the big winners with their version of the Sloan classic "Money City Maniacs."

They won a thousand dollars, and another thousand to donate, and Gale says that money will stay right here in the Foothills.

"So, we're going to give that actually to the Lions Club. We just moved to the Foothills area, so we decided to give it to the Lions Club, because they really stand for what we stand for, which is giving back to the community."

rotary lip sync battle nov9 2019 005Nanton's David Gale and Amanda Bustard collect their cheques at the end of the night following their big win in the first annual High River Rotary Club Lip Sync Battle.

Gale says he was surprised with the win, considering some of his group had to cancel last minute, forcing him to recruit out of the audience for help.

"We thought, well, you know what? Let's just get the crowd involved. So we asked somebody from the crowd to come in and be our drummer and asked a few more people if they'd come and blow some air through our hair. Because we're a rock band! We did a little Sloan and we wanted to make it look like a real rock show. And the only way you can do that is by having air blown through your hair. So we gave them leaf blowers and had a lot of fun with it."

Bustard, actually made a couple of appearances on stage during the night.

"We were kind of filling in. We had another band that needed to cancel last minute and we wanted to make sure the show went on. So, I filled in. We have a lot of fun doing this. We do this for our company. We do it helping to raise money. So, yeah, we love doing this kind of stuff."

A few hundred people turned up for the event which saw 10 acts compete.

rotary lip sync battle nov9 2019 002

rotary lip sync battle nov9 2019 003

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