The Rotary Club of High River donated $30,000 towards the High River Pump Track during a cheque presentation on Nov. 20, right in front of the future pump track location. Rotary members (back-left), along with parents and pump track committee members (back-right) and kids (front) took part in presentation.


The High River Pump Track has received tremendous support and construction and completion of the project is projected to be done before the end of the summer

On Nov. 20, the Rotary Club of High River donated $30,000 towards the project.

Rotary Club President Damian Boyle says Rotary fundraisers have been tough to come by because of COVID, but they made a goal to donate to the High River Pump Track two years ago and they are glad that they can finally help with this donation.

“Last year we lost our two biggest fundraisers in our golf tournament and our lobster boil,” he said.

“That’s why it’s taken us so long to get to this point.”

“This is a great project for the children in our community and we are very pleased we are able to help out.”


High River Bike Park Society President, Jeff Hamilton talked about the ups and downs of bringing the pump track to High River.

“Finding a location was our first challenge and it took about two years for us to choose this spot right next to the Spray Park and playground.”

“COVID was another challenge. We weren’t able to fundraise and we were all dealing with making sure our families were safe.”

To make the pump track a reality, the group needed to raise $250,000. Then some great news came for the pump track group.

“At the beginning of this year, we received support from Cargill who surprised us with a $75,000 donation that got our hopes up again,” said Hamilton.

“This was amazing to get especially in the middle of the pandemic and close to Christmas. It was a tough time for us to fundraise.”

“Then another big donation of $80,000 came from the Town of High River and the Last of Us production.” (The Last of Us television production paid $100,000 to the Town for filming last year with an agreement that the money would go to a legacy project for the town’s kids.)

Hamilton says there are so many to thank including Wild Rose Community Connections, Cargill, Shawne Excavating, Foothills Kinette Club, HRR Rentals, Western Financial Group, High River Lutes Timber Mart, Town of High River, the Rotary Club, and the Last of Us production and more.

“Outgoing council deserves a big thanks too, because without them this couldn’t be possible.”

The park has just about reached its fundraising goal, and extra money will go to help make it better, like adding picnic tables that will be cemented into the ground, trash cans and bleachers and more.

“For the amenities and trees and what not, you need to provide those to make the park really special,” said Hamilton.

The bike track society president says the ground needs to be leveled out and in July the construction will begin and should take three weeks to complete.

Walkers General Store and Colossi’s will be carrying hats available for purchase that support the pump track and bike society.

There is also going to be an engraved brick that will be built into the ground that will create the walkway to the pump track and people can still purchase to get their names on the brick and this will also help with fundraising.

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