Posted on May 26, 2019
Some Rotarians braved the snow on 18 May to make sure that the Little Britches went off without any hitches.  Hank and his dedicated volunteers were up at the crack of dawn to race around town in electric carts and glow vests, blocking thoroughfares and ensuring the annual wrath of the six residents of downtown who work on Saturdays.  The parade was (reputedly) graced by the presence of District Governor Dan, who wisely chose not to risk his health by venturing outside his RV.  Preceding Dan in the parade were the soggy students of the District Rotary Youth Exchange pushing the District float, who expressed their gratitude to Dan for not falling asleep at the wheel and running them over.  Luckily the only casualty of the day was the Rotary tent, which broke a leg, probably due to old age aggravated by teenage abuse, something very familiar to Billy MacKillop.