Posted on May 26, 2019
On 15 May the club's first flags of our Flag Program were pounded into lawns across High River by Ev and his lazy minion, Damian.  Despite their best efforts, no sprinkler systems or pipes were punctured.  Damian was concerned at the smell of gas at one time but it turned out that Ev was standing right behind him taking a photo.  The sight of Canadian flags popping up all over town spurred interest among citizens, some of whom pondered whether to steal them or just subscribe to the program.  The demand for flags well exceeded expectations, and continued to the point where there were no more flags available even as Bart busily welded together many more flagpole stakes.  In the end the club received 54 subscriptions for its first weekend of sales, raising $2700.  More flag subscriptions are now available for the next two flag weekends (Canada Day and Labour Day) with a reduced donation of $35.   If any High River Rotarian has an hour to spare and would like to be on the (easy) flag-pounding teams on 26 June or (easier) flag-pulling teams on 3 July please talk to Ev or Damian.